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About Us

Our mission: you provide quality care. Headed by Cosmétiques France Laure, the company has 52 years of expertise in research and development in the creation of professional skin care products. You will find within our institute an exceptional expertise as well as a warm team. 

traitement de Spa
traitement de Spa

Cosmetics France Laure

Cosmétiques France Laure cultivate the same philosophy: to design effective skincare ranges with convincing results and dazzling effects. The secret? Research in pharma cosmetology that results in maximum concentrations of active ingredients with the highest percentages of effectiveness in the industry. The products manufactured by Cosmétiques France Laure do not contain any parabens, phthalates, mineral oils and silicones. They are, and never will be, tested on animals.

State-of-the-art equipment  

We are proud to have the safest and most efficient devices in the industry, holders of international patents. They will provide you with exceptional treatment comfort and unequaled results.  

Pipetting Produit de soin de la peau

Competitive prices 

At our beauty institute, you will find effective treatments at competitive prices. You will have the opportunity to choose between care offered by professionals and care offered by our students from the France Laure school at a reduced rate. 

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